Dogs Bark Yes on Prop 2 in California
Furry Demonstration: What Is Prop 2?

The fourth of November isn't just the day that we elect a new President, but it's also a day when we get to voice our opinions on a batch of new bills, propositions, and laws in our respective states. For those of us in California, there is one in particular that had a group of pooches and their owners barking. . . err, talking to folks on the streets recently. As a fan of all animals, this particular law hits close to home and made me want to get more information. Thankfully, there were a number of people on the street willing to talk me through it.

It's called Prop 2, and its goal is to help fight cruelty and inhumane treatment to farm animals. How?

To find out the details of Prop 2,


Talking to the people on the street, I got the lowdown on what Prop 2 would mean for farmers and their animals.
Prop 2:

  • Prevents cruelty by making sure farm animals aren't shoved into tiny cages that don't allow them enough room to turn around, lie down, and extend their limbs while being raised as livestock.
  • Improves food safety. By preventing animals from being confined to such close quarters, it helps reduce the number of diseases and germs that spread between them that can eventually make their way into our food.
  • Protects the air and water surrounding farms by regulating untreated waste that gets released into our ground water, waterways, and soil.
  • Gives farmers sufficient time – until 2015 – to shift from their confinement methods to more humane practices.
  • Other states like Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon have already passed similar laws!

It goes without saying that you should definitely research the bills that you'll be voting on in your state on your own, so that you can draw your own conclusions. Do you have similar bills in your state? What issues are you most concerned about this voting season?