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Nothing Says NYC Like a Doxie...?

Oct 15 2010 - 10:40am

This weekend is the big Meet the Breeds [1] event in New York City! To celebrate, the AKC and CFA polled voters over on Paw Nation [2] to see which dog and cat breed best represent each of the tristates. See the kitties and pups that came out on top, and why, when starting this slideshow!

Source: Thinkstock [3]

Connecticut's Dog: Golden Retriever

With all that countryside to roam in Connecticut, I'm not surprised that an active pooch like the Golden Retriever [4] was voted top dog. The poll selected this breed as one to represent the fictional town of Stepford, made famous in a film with women who were both beautiful and easily adapting to a new living situation.

Source: AKC [5]

Connecticut's Cat: Persian

All fluffed out, Persian kitties [6] are so pretty. The regal breed was selected to represent the state's stereotype of affluence.

Source: CFA [7]

New Jersey's Dog: Yorkshire Terrier

Since New Jersey is a small state with population packed in, the Yorkie [8] is a perfect fit.

Source: AKC [9]

New Jersey's Cat: American Shorthair

The American Shorthair [10] was selected to represent New Jersey for the cats because of the breed's, and state's, oft-"confused" identity. This breed is frequently mistaken for the similar British Shorthair, just as the football teams of the NY Giants and NY Jets play in this state instead of the one named on their uniforms.

Source: CFA [11]

New York City's Dog: Dachshund

Hot dog! The Dachshund [12] won out in NYC based on the popular Nathan's Hot Dogs in Brooklyn and the breed's lengthy frankfurter body.

Source: AKC [13]

New York City's Cat: American Curl

The American Curl won out in NYC based on stereotypes of the Upper East Side! I wouldn't be surprised if I caught this high-society cat on the next episode of Gossip Girl [14].

Source: CFA [15]

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