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Hang Loose! Dogs of Summer Riding Boards

Jul 10 2013 - 7:00am

There's no stopping these dogs of Summer from riding the waves — and the streets. From pups working on perfecting their first ollie to ones braving the breakers, these dogs all love their boards. So get amped and click through this collection of dogs enjoying the ride.

Source: Flickr [1] and Instagram [2]

Cool Dude

Ready for any boarding adventure, here's a wee skater that's stoked about riding.

Source: Instagram user daveenglandshit [3]

Smooth Ride

This pup and his owner are enjoying a leisurely paddleboard ride.

Source: Flickr user mikebaird [4]

Ride On

Not only is this adorable pup comfy on a deck, he's been working on perfecting his ollie.

Source: Instagram user acidburn014 [5]

You Go, Brah!

Here's a surfing dog that's gonna ride this wave until it crashes on shore!

Source: Flickr user darrenjforde [6]

Just Chillin'

Along with having mastered the art of coasting while boarding, this pup's totally confident he's going in the right direction — even though he can't see a thing through that shaggy mane.

Source: Instagram user hannamikaelaz [7]

Nailed It!

This pup totally nailed it, but now isn't sure if he's more excited about riding the waves or attacking the swirling waters.

Source: Flickr user Port of San Diego [8]

Big Kick

Here's the next skateboarding star — Half-Pipe Poodle!

Source: Flickr user istolethetv [9]

Ready For Waves

This chill pup is waiting for the perfect wave.

Source: Instagram user jedsurfs [10]


Check out this stoked Pomeranian riding the waves — and, yeah, that cute guy too.

Source: Instagram user hypesurfco [11]

Starting Early

The proud owners of this little skate punk have started him early, hoping he'll become the next Puppy Hawk.

Source: Flickr user mvoulgar [12]

Rip Curl

Now here's a dog that knows how to hang tight.

Source: Flickr user mikebaird [13]

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