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Someone Wants to Wish You a Slobbery, Happy Veterans Day

Nov 9 2012 - 4:00am

With Veterans Day [1] falling this Sunday and the holidays soon to follow, I can't help but be reminded of the thousands of soldiers who keep our nation safe. While some of these courageous individuals will be spending the next few months on active duty, some will be coming home to loving families, including their adoring pets. There is a close relationship between dogs and the military: canines serve alongside soldiers overseas and provide comfort and support to veterans when they finish their last tours. But the crowning moment for a pooch is seeing his heroic pet parent walk through the front door.

Whether you and your pet have a brave soldier in your family or you're just honored to know that these women and men are protecting our great country, here's a sweet salute to all the soldiers and veterans and the dogs who love them.

Source: Getty [2]

Cocoa Greets Pop

Even with three legs, Cocoa overpowers her dad . . . and sends him into hysterics.

A Tearful Greeting

Molly cries with joy over finding her mom at the airport.

A Giant Welcome Home

To receive a warm welcome from Emmitt Thunderpaws is to be face to face with a very large wet nose!

What Ball?

This German Shepherd is so excited to see his uniformed dad that he forgets about the ball in his mouth!

A Beagle Bugle

Daisy's enthusiasm blooms as soon as she sees her mom walk through the door.

Hi Ho, Silver!

Silver the Husky can't contain his happiness over finding Dad at the front door. Between running laps and doing backflips, he nearly keeps his pa from opening his Christmas gifts!

An Ear-ly Warning

Rescue dog Cotton may be deaf, but she's on high alert while waiting for Dad to come home.

Double Duty

A pair of Schnauzers know something's up when they smell their dad's rucksack. If he only knew what was in store for him when they manage to find him!

I'm Your Lap Dog

This pooch can't get enough pats from his pop, so he takes up residence on his lap!

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