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Dogswell Happy Hips Sweet Potato Fries

PetSugar Street Team: Dogswell Sweet Potato Fries

There's a restaurant not too far from Sugar HQ that serves some amazing sweet potato fries. I could eat those things everyday! And although I'm not sure if these Dogswell Happy Hips Sweet Potato Fries ($7) are as good as Taylor's version, North seems to think they're pretty great nonetheless.

The best part about these Dogswell treats isn't the fact that they are chewy, and take longer to eat than normal treats (which keeps North occupied for longer), but that they are packed with natural ingredients, vitamins, and glucosamine, which are great for doggie and human joint health. Glucosamine helps to rebuild worn down joint cartilage that can cause arthritis in dogs of any age. Now, I'm not saying that I should start stealing North's treats, but considering that they are so much better for me than the fried option, I'll admit the thought has crossed my mind!

wakeupandora wakeupandora 8 years
careful with these - Dogswell products are made in china. That's not saying everything, or these in particular are bad, just use caution and check the product before giving it to your dog. They had a few complaints last year from white spots on the product but it was supposedly just starch. I used to buy them until I read the complaints, now I don't take the chance.
macchiatolove macchiatolove 8 years
to hell with for dogs, they sound delicious for humans! haha!
shepptacular shepptacular 8 years
I give Hope the dried apple with chicken jerky wrapped around it and she just adores it. It takes her a little longer than her bones so I like it, but she loves it so much she doesn't listen to the command to wait for it! I can only find it at Whole Foods, but the Vitality cat chicken jerky are available in Petco. They have flavors for bad breath, healthy hips, and skin coat and eyes. The cats love it too!!!
meredith9179 meredith9179 8 years
Ooooh, I'm excited to try these. My Boston, Cooper, is always looking for good treats. He's not super interested in most standard dog treats. Thanks for sharing!
griffen griffen 8 years
Oh my! I loooove Taylor's Refresher! We just got married at V. Sattui at the end of August and headed to Taylor's for lunch the very next day. Anywhooo, thanks for the post - my doggie is allergic to a lot of meat proteins, these will be great for her!
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 8 years
I buy my dog sweet potatoes wraped in duck far her fav. treat!
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