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Don't Forget This If You're Bringing a Pet to Work . . .

Don't Forget This If You're Bringing a Pet to Work . . .

In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day and, for those of you participating in this holiday or lucky enough to bring your pooches to work every day, I've got a couple tips for making their office visits go swimmingly.

  • Puppy Proof the Place Nothing sours the experience like something unexpected . . . and bad. Make sure you keep trash and food out of the way of your pup and ask others to do the same. Check around for wires, poisonous plants, and anything else you think they can get their noses into.

See the four remaining tips when you


  • Prep Your Pooch Make sure your pup is up-to-date on all those important vaccines and has a clean bill of health. It's a big day so give him a bath, special grooming treatment, or new collar so he looks spiffy.
  • Pack a Doggie Bag Let your doggie feel at home by bringing along a travel pack with toys, treats, food, and some pet-friendly cleanser . . . in case of accidents. It doesn't hurt to include a pet first-aid kit, too!
  • Pick Feeding Times and Safe Spots Choose a time to feed a pet to result in potty breaks at convenient times. If this is a one-time deal, I'll bet there will be co-workers lining up to take him out to do his business . . . if only to stretch their legs! Also, on the reverse, be mindful that not everyone loves your pets as much as you to do – keep an eye on him so he's not being a pest. You can even bring his crate into the office if he travels that way to work – he'll feel right at home in no time!
  • Plan Your Grand Exit If it's his first day on the job, make sure he seems content. If at any time he looks stressed, fearful, or is misbehaving, have a backup plan to get him home. Make sure you know what he's up to – and what he can handle in terms of noise, strangers, and distractions – and that you plan accordingly for any lunch/ coffee breaks. Having him half the day works, too!

As always, well-trained and socialized pups do best. Refresh your memory on my quick training tips and have a fabulous day!


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