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kitkatherine kitkatherine 7 years
i have 3 pets. i started with one guinea pig - then he needed a friend. then THEY needed a brother. together - two of them loved each other. the other was an outcast and recently passed, but the other two make each other so happy. they are incredibly protective and loving towards one another - it's sweet. then we have one dog. i love having more than one pet - but i know if we had two dogs raynor would get jealous - she gets jealous of the guinea pigs sometimes. (and it is jealousy most times - through sometimes it's "look a big white fluffy play thing") i love the number and types of pets we have.
stellaRuby stellaRuby 7 years
I didn't really notice a different when we added a second kid to the family. I would love to add number three.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 7 years
2, but they have to have similar personalities... if one is Very dominate and one is Very submissive, there can be probs. There has to be order in their pack.
kscincotta kscincotta 7 years
For now, I think our one dog is just enough. She doesn't mind when we dog sit for our friends, but after a few days, she seems completely over having the other dog there. She likes her routine and gets pretty stressed when it gets disrupted too much. So high maintenance. :)
littleblackninja littleblackninja 7 years
The two I have keep each other company. It's so much fun watching the two puppers play together like dogs should ;)
Pistil Pistil 7 years
We've been thinking about another dog... two dogs might keep each other out of trouble, or do double the damage...
lms lms 7 years
Back when I had just one cat it was horrible. He used to scratch my calves practically every time I walked by. I would have 3-4 inch scars all the time. I got him a kitty friend and that was the end of me being scratched. Granted he is a bit off, b/c my cat before him didn't do anything strange like that.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Two is easier. When I had one, he would go through separation anxiety when left alone and he was stuck to us like velcro. Being a herding dog, he also needed to constantly play. Since we got the second dog, he's so much happier. No more separation anxiety and they constantly play with each other. They keep each other company and I swear they help with each other's fears (one's always confident when the other's afraid of something). They never separate and sleep booty to booty.
moonlissa moonlissa 7 years
I couldn't see committing to a second I got a kitty. Emma Jane is young enough that she has warmed right up to Sadie Grace. They play together, and she is alot let time intensive to take care of!
couture-yourself couture-yourself 7 years
I definitely think two (or more) are easier than one. I have my two and they always keep each other company and are less dependent on me. Whereas my roommate only has one and she's so dependent on him it's almost annoying. So when my dogs are at their "dad's", the roommates dog is stuck on us like glue. ugh.
danizzle danizzle 7 years
the more the merrier! i love my puppies and kitties!
psterling psterling 7 years
Depends on the type of animal. Dogs are harder in multiples (though double the fun!) but cats are a lot easier when you get two kittens together. They play with each other and keep each other company and if you have room for one, then you have room for two.
starofsorrow starofsorrow 7 years
I have two dogs, and I find that I like being in a household with more than one pet. More love to go around for us, I suppose! When I do move out...I'm going to have to have no dogs, and get pets that aren't dogs (cats and such) due to the fact that I'll be applying for an Hearing Dog.
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