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4 Earth-Friendlier Kitty Litter Substances

Choosing kitty litter is a tough decision! There are so many options out there, and changing litter types can upset your cat and cause naughty "elimination" behaviors. Many users shy away from the traditional clay or silica gel varieties which can contain carcinogens and burden landfills, and choose more eco-tastic styles instead.

To see my four earth-friendly alternatives, keep reading.

  • Corn. The porous surface of corn can allow liquid and odor to be easy absorbed, and also create firm clumps to make clean up quick and easy. Options: World's Best or LitterMaid.
  • Wood pellets. Reclaimed wood (that would normally end up in landfills) is another option – the wood pellets are reduced to sawdust as they absorb the liquid. When this happens, use a special scoop to clean the waste out of the litterbox – this pine-scented litter is often used for odor control. Options: Feline Pine or Trader Joe's store-brand alternative.
  • Recycled newspapers. Reusing existing resources, such as paper, is another environmentally-safe option. These brands use recycled newspaper to make up their litter – very eco-friendly, but slightly lacking in odor control. Options: Good Mews or Yesterday's News.
  • Wheat. The starches in wheat help this litter clump easily. However, you'll also need to make sure your litterbox is deep enough that the clumps don't then stick on the bottom. Options: Swheat Scoop.

Those are some of the more mainstream alternatives — but there are others that use citrus peel or even crushed walnuts! Have a favorite kind of litter? Share it with us in your comments below!

Image Source: Thinkstock
celebritycatwalk celebritycatwalk 5 years
Very interesting alternatives!!  Had no idea about corn or wheat as a litter choice!!!  
pldrake pldrake 6 years
Get back to me when your earth-friendly cat litters actually reduce the scent of what goes in the litter box. Fresh Step works very well for me in my studio apartment arrangement and my cat uses the litter box without fail.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
Swheat Scoop and Persian cats (any other long-haired breeds as well) do not mix! I tried it years back soon after it came out. The lightweight litter sticks to their coats and gets dragged EVERYWHERE. After only a day, my home looked like a bomb had gone off!
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