Now more than ever, cutting costs is becoming a way of life. I know my drive up to the Napa Valley a few weekends ago cost me a bundle in gas – even though my car is pretty gas friendly – which in turn had me cutting corners the rest of the week to make up for the price of filling the tank. Of course, when it comes to North, I'll spare no expense if he needs something, however these days you may not find me adding a doggie perfume into my virtual shopping cart just for the heck of it. We can all use a crash course in how to cut back our living costs, whether it be due to the economy, because we want to save up for a rainy day, or maybe you're a closet penny pincher who loves finding great deals. Whatever the reason, I have a few simple tips that you can incorporate easily into your daily routine that can help you save some cash on pet costs.

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  • Keep a list of things that your pet needs in order from highest priority to lowest. This way, you can keep focused and not get distracted by those bling'd out Flexi's (that you could totally DIY and save some money in the process) while you should be focusing on getting him a new bed.
  • Keep an eye out for my Online Sale Alerts, and search around for your own. Sites like RetailMeNot and CurrentCodes keep you on top of sales so you can get what you want for less.
  • Check your local dollar stores for pet toys. There's usually one close to major grocery stores, so next time you're out shopping, make a point to stop in and check it out. Keep in mind that not all cheap toys are cheaply made. If you're on the lookout, you can often get some pretty durable toys at those dollar stores that carry goods from bigger box stores. You just might find some diamonds in the "ruff"!
  • It goes without saying, but be proactive about your pet's health. Get all necessary vaccinations and check ups on time to prevent problems (and higher expenses) down the road.
  • Do as much grooming on your own as possible. Taking your pet in for a nail clipping is much more cost effective than taking her in for the works!

Do you have your own money saving tips? Leave them in the comments below!