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Eco Flea Removal Service

Fleabusters Safely and Naturally Rids Your Home of Fleas

While I've had to deal with fleas in the past, our home had been happily flea-free for years — until this past Winter that is. Since the only thing I hate more than fleas is introducing nasty insecticides and toxic chemicals into my home, I tried a natural, DIY approach to dealing with them. Using methods such as vacuuming daily (and emptying the canister into an outdoor garbage can), spreading diatomaceous earth on carpets, and using herbal flea sprays worked all right for a while, but it was time-consuming and definitely not foolproof. Plus, the flea spray I used made our house smell like the most unappetizing pumpkin pie ever baked.

The bottom line is that I just didn't have the time to deal with fleas in a manner that the more eco, DIY method required, yet I didn't want to use flea bombs or sprays that could negatively affect the health of our dog or our family. I was stuck for a solution — that is, until I learned about Fleabusters. Fleabusters is an environmentally friendly company that uses the least toxic or non-toxic methods of eliminating fleas from your home and yard. Best of all, Fleabusters guarantees its service for a year. That's right: one treatment will remove fleas for a year.

Keep reading to learn more about Fleabusters!

Fleabusters has branches across the country, and I contacted Fleabusters of California to try their service. Before the technician arrived, I had to prepare a bit for the treatment. Since we mostly have hardwood floors, this entailed covering computer, television, and audio equipment to prevent dust from the treatment from damaging any components. In homes with wall-to-wall carpet, prep work also includes covering bedding and sofas so they don't get too dusty.

Fleabuster uses a product called Rx for Fleas, which is actually less toxic than table salt. Instead of trying to control fleas chemically (which is not effective over time and is very toxic), Rx for Fleas works as a physical dessicant to dehydrate the flea's life cycle and create an environment where fleas can no longer live or breed in the home. Additionally, the powder has adhesive qualities, which, after being applied to your home, let it stick to the carpet and not get sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. A microscopic layer of the powder remains at the base of the rug to prevent future flea infestations.

When the technician arrived, he applied Rx for Fleas using a vacuum-cleaner-looking machine that embedded the powder into our rugs. He also used a small canister with a spout to apply the powder to the baseboards and the channels in the sofas and upholstered chairs. Along the way, he also told me a lot about the product and the flea's life cycle, which was both fascinating and totally gross.

After treating the house, he also applied beneficial nematodes to the yard (Fleabusters calls this product BioBusters). These naturally occurring micro-organisms are tiny worms that prey on the larvae of damaging insects, such as fleas, and have no ill effect on people, pets, earthworms, or plants.

The entire treatment for our home took a little over an hour, and even though I'd been warned about dust, there wasn't that much. I was advised to wait 24 hours before vacuuming, and to mop with only water on hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors for an initial cleaning. The only difference after the treatment that I noticed was that the rugs had a slightly sandy feel to them, which was remedied upon vacuuming. If I'd paid full price for the service, it would've cost around $275 (prices vary depending on house size), which I actually think is a deal given that I won't have to worry about, or find solutions for, fleas for an entire year. Will I be calling Fleabusters next year for another service? Absolutely. And I'd recommend that pet owners, who care about the health of their family and pets, as well as the environment, do so as well. You can locate a Fleabusters hub here, or buy Rx For Fleas to apply yourself.

Check out the gallery for more step-by-step instructions about the Fleabusters service.

I covered computer, stereo, and television equipment to prevent dust from hurting it.

The technician loaded the Rx For Fleas powder into this tool to apply it to the baseboards.

Here you can see him applying it to the baseboards.

This vacuum-like tool pushed the Rx For Fleas powder deep into our area rugs.

Here you can see a slight line of dust to the line of the Dwell Bibs pad. This is a lot less dust than I was expecting from the treatment.

The technician also applied beneficial nematodes to the areas around the house to control outdoor fleas.

I'm so glad we called Fleabusters!
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