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Eco Friendly Stuff Sacks and Molly Mutt's Go Hand in Hand

I know what an investment a dog bed can be. You pick out just the right size, color, shape, and feel, then dig into your pocketbook cause your furry friend is totally worth the price. But, after a few months, do these new digs seem totally worn out, leaving you searching for yet another new bed? This happened in my household a few times and let me tell you, North does not appreciate musical beds. So instead of shelling out $50 or more for a store bought dud that will end up in a landfill, take a more wallet and earth friendly approach to bed buying. Check out Stuff Sacks.

Stuff Sacks ($10-15) allow you to use old blankets, sweaters and pillows that would have otherwise been tossed out, and turn them into stuffing for Fido's new bed. Find out more about the Stuff Sack, and its perfect partner when you


A tough 100 percent nylon bag holds all the stuffing for the bed, while a Molly Mutt Duvet Cover ($20-$40) wraps it up in a nice little package — you're not only saving money by using what you already have as bed stuffing, but you're making a smaller footprint on the earth to boot. In fact, you can toss the entire Stuff Sack in the laundry when it needs a wash, or take everything out and wash like a load of laundry. Now, you won't have to lug your Great Dane's bed down to the laundromat's super load washer anymore! (PS, with the price of the sack and the duvet cover combined, you're still probably spending less than you would if you bought a bed from the pet store.)

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