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Famous animals and pets on TV

Creature Features: Animal Stars of the Tube

I caught an old episode of Mr. Ed the other night and it reminded me of just how many TV shows I've watched over the years that feature pets! Some are a little unusual, but lots are familiar friends. We've talked about animals in movies lately, but what about those making appearances on the small screen? It just goes to show what a big part pets play in our lives, 'cause they're portrayed that way on our fave TV shows, too. Art imitating life, perhaps? Do any of your TV favorites include animals? Take my TV animal quiz and see how many you can recall!


Creature Features: Animal Stars of the Tube

I'm an energetic Jack Russell, and didn't often get outside because of the rain in Seattle. Who am I?

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vitisva vitisva 8 years
These were GREAT questions!
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Cute quiz!
foxie foxie 9 years
How will I ever look at Snopes the same again?!?
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 9 years
I just saw the Snopes site...pretty funny! Where they have the picture of the Zebra as it looks in color, if you click to see what it looks like in black and white it just shows a picture of Mr Ed! It looks that was a pretty common myth, so I see where you could have heard that foxie. The wikipedia site did mention that a zebra stood in for him on occasion...weird, it seems like it would be a lot of work to get a zebra looking like Mr Ed.
foxie foxie 9 years
Well I stand corrected! Who knew Snopes had an entirely opposite-world section? Seems like it kinda defeats the purpose to me..
linb linb 9 years
Actually, I did find that story through the Snopes naviagtion, found in the Repository of Lost Legends sections, which states: "These legends aren't really lost -- we've known where they were the whole time! We created The Repository of Lost Legends (TRoLL for short) for those of you who don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. If you have a taste for the unusual and arcane (and can suspend your disbelief just a little), sample some of these precious gems. And below the True False ratings scale, it states: "Note: Any relationship between these ratings and reality is purely coincidental."
linb linb 9 years
I'm not convinced Mr. Ed was a zebra....Wikipedia gives detailed information about the horse that played Mr. Ed. And I can't find that page on Snopes through the navigation or by searching the website, which makes it less credible to me. Maybe it was posted, but found to be inaccurate so it was removed, but the page is still on Snopes' servers (?)
foxie foxie 9 years
See? turns out I know the difference between a zebra and a horse afterall... www (DOT) snopes (DOT)com/lost/mistered (DOT) asp
foxie foxie 9 years
Um no. He was a zebra.
acemonkey acemonkey 9 years
Darn, missed the Brady Bunch cat.
ElleJay ElleJay 9 years
I thought Shawn was the one who had a pig named "little corey"?
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 9 years
And I'm pretty sure Mr. Ed was in fact a horse. A zebra would be much smaller and have stripes. He looks like a palamino to me.
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 9 years
7/8! I used to love watching Mr Ed on Nick at Night. I think I have a bunch of taped episodes somewhere.
foxie foxie 9 years
Mr. Ed was a zebra. It's true, it's true. They couldn't find a horse who was a good 'actor' so they used a zebra instead.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Hahaha well I did much better then I thought I would do!
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