I consider myself an animal lover through and through. I'm only human, so I'm willing to admit there is one creature I'd rather have a birds' eye view of: the pigeon. One time, as I was happily blogging and sipping my latte, a pigeon flew at my hair inside a coffee shop. It got so close I could feel the wind from its wings! In the bird's defense, I was sitting in front of a glass wall, and it must have been rather startled as everyone gasped and tried to shoo it out.

I was a tad traumatized by the whole situation, and now prefer to watch birds from a safe distance. But, when I found these "Birdseed" shoes from German company, Designklicks, I got flashbacks. As much as I enjoy watching birdwatching (and offering birdseed), I can't see myself sportin' these kicks – if you could, would you?