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It's Feral Cat Day — Have You Ever Seen One?

Today's National Feral Cat Day to honor those felines that live in the wild. Before you start wishing they all could be rescued and adopted, know that many of these kitties are better-accustomed to living on their own terms in the wild. In areas around the country where this is common, Trap-Neuter-Release plans are enforced to keep a handle on the population.

On a personal note, these kitties have a special place in my heart from my college days, when they were frequently found, fed, and even adopted out whenever possible right on campus. Our pals over at Paw Nation dedicated several posts to this cause, including an interview with comedian Marc Maron about his feral cats:

"You know, I'm not a cat guy, but I'm a 'my cat' guy. If I go to your house, I'll pretend to like your cats, but secretly I'm thinking what a fat, stupid, ugly cat you have. That cat's an indoor cat; my cats are animals. Your cat can't even muster up the gumption to play with that fake mouse you bought it. It's days away from hanging itself on its scratching post. Or dying of ennui."

Don't worry, he's kidding. (I think.) Ever spotted a feral feline out and about?

Source: Flickr User edbrambley

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Lyric69 Lyric69 7 years
I have 2 ferals that I have been taking care of since January, Spotticus & Jester. Thanks to a local cat clinic I was able to have them caught, neutered, vaccinated, and returned.
Alexandra0223 Alexandra0223 7 years
I live on a short dead end street in Boston, and we have about 10 cats that live on our street. They are fed nightly by my neighbors and are given water. We live right near the MSPCA and most have been 'fixed' at the expense of my neighbor, and then released. They arent very nice, but since they keep to themselves, noone is bothered by them.
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
while car shopping at a dealership the salesman pointed out that they have a bunch living there! We saw 3-4 just while looking at the cars! And my boyfriends mom found a little in their back yard. All but one died, so sad.
insanitypepper insanitypepper 7 years
We have at least one that lets itself into our garage through the dog door and sprays everywhere. It's so gross. And the dog just sleeps right through it.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 7 years
I saw lots in Europe!
hjcseven hjcseven 7 years
i have two "stray" cats who live in my neighborhood- we've been feeding them for two years and now they're not so much "stray" as "our outside-only cats"! they'll come in the house, but DO NOT like if we close the door. we've built them an outdoor shelter to cuddle up in in the winter, and as soon as my car pulls up in the driveway they come out of hiding to greet me! we've had them both spayed after they had kittens last spring, and we got the kittens adopted to really great homes. they are the sweetest little cats and i'm so happy they've gotten comfortable with me.
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