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I Need Your Help . . . With Advice For Traveling With a Cat Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

Oh no! Read this problem submitted by PetSugar reader Bany19 in the Pet Peeves group:

Hello all,

I wanted to get some advice from the cat owners of the group . . . I have a cat who is almost one year old. He is perfectly healthy, and has a wonderful personality. I am planning on traveling to my hometown to see my family for Thanksgiving which is 5.5 hours away. Since there will no one in town to look after my cat while I am gone, I thought that I would bring him home with me. However, I am concerned that I am going to traumatize him and that he will not do well on the trip.

My family has outside cats (he should have no interaction with them), and two small dogs. In the past, my cat has done well with dogs but I am afraid that he might act differently this time since he will be in their territory. Also, I am concerned about the length of the drive . . . my vet said that I could give him some Benadryl to keep him calm but I'm not sure if I want to do that to him.

Basically, I really really don't want to cause any unnecessary trauma to my cat and I want to do everything that I can to make sure that he is comfortable on our trip. Does anyone have any advice or experience in regards to traveling with a cat? Any dos or don'ts? Please help!

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Since it's his first trip ever, it's hard to say for sure what will go down once you get into the car. I realize it's creeping up on trip time, but you can get him used to the carrier now — by leaving it out in the house — and even taking him on small trips around town. It may help if you have a "safe zone" set up in your parents house where he can escape to be away from the dogs if need be, and be certain to bring some toys and a bed that smells like home, too. If anyone else has more tips, share your recommendations in comments and, remember, you can always share your concerns and questions in the Pet Peeves group, too.

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