When I think about little North going missing, I know I'd want to get him back as soon as possible. Even though he has a microchip, those first few hours are crucial – and there are other hi-tech options for keeping track of your furry, loved one's location . . . even when he wanders away. The Zoombak is a rad tracking device that attaches to Fido's collar, giving you an all-access pass to his location, anytime.The difference between Zombak and microchipping services like Home Again is that Zoombak uses assisted GPS to pinpoint your pup's location via their online maps. Just set your parameters online and, when Fido leaves that area, you'll get an email and text message letting you know where he's wandered off to. What's cooler, you can get text updates on his location while you're on the road tracking him down. Zoombak is also running an awesome deal right now, if you pay for six months in advance, the monthly cost is reduced to $9.99 a month. Even still, at the regular price of $14.99, I think it's a good deal if you have a sneaky pet who likes to live it up and paint the town (or neighborhood) red – assuming he doesn't slip out of the collar that is. Check out the demo of Zoombak when you