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Four Paws Pimple Ball Dog Toy Recall

Toy Recall: The Four Paws Pimple Ball

If your dog has a Four Paws Pimple Ball in his possession, you might want to take note: the product has been recalled after news of a severe injury was caused from playing with the toy.

I came across the cringe worthy story the other day and haven't been able to get it out of my head! Chai, a 10 year-old Lab mix, was chewing on the toy when his tongue got stuck in the hole of the ball, leading to the amputation of his tongue! How did this happen? Chai's owner, who had been pleading for a recall, wrote a letter to Four Paws explaining the details:

While chewing on the toy, a vacuum was created and it effectively sucked his tongue into the hole in the ball. From speaking with my vet, this likely occurred because there is not a second hole in the ball
preventing the vacuum effect from happening.

Poor Chai! To find out what happened next,


Chai was rushed to the emergency vet to have the ball removed, but since all circulation to his tongue had been cut off, the vets had to sedate him to remove the ball and stop the swelling. Sadly, after three days of observation by his regular doctor, they determined that Chai's tongue must be amputated.

I can't imagine how difficult it must be for Chai to learn how to live without his tongue. My heart and well wishes goes out to him and his owner. If you have a Pimple Ball, be sure to return it to Four Paws with a letter stating the reason for return to Four Paws Customer Service at 50 Wireless Blvd. Hauppauge, NY 11788. Four Paws will then issue a refund check.


serendipitous serendipitous 9 years
To me it seems like they attempted to correct the error. I do like the idea that there will be a tie that must go through two of the holes in the ball from now on in the packaging to ensure that there are no defective second holes that could lead to the vacuum effect. I felt so bad for Chai though! :( The whole time I was reading that story, I just imagined it was Mozzy (my puppy) and it literally broke my heart to know that Chai went through that much pain and lost such an important part of him as a dog.
serendipitous serendipitous 9 years
I also sent an email and almost immediately got a response back (probably no later than a hour) and this is what the CEO said: Thank you very much for your email message. Like you, Four Paws is deeply concerned about reports of injuries suffered by some dogs as a result of a manufacturing defect in some of our Pimple Ball toys. We want you to know that we have stopped shipping these toys to our distributors and we have asked them to have retailers immediately remove the toys from their shelves and return them at our expense. We have also stopped all shipments of the toys from the manufacturer, and we are sending Executive Vice President Barry Askin to personally inspect the manufacturer’s facility in order to make sure that the defect has been corrected. The ball was designed with two holes to eliminate risk of suction. Unfortunately, in the production of some balls, the smaller second hole became blocked on the inside, thus making it hard to detect the defect with the naked eye. As a result, in addition to repairing the toy molds, we are also changing the packaging of the Pimple Balls. The packaging change will result in a tie that must clear both holes, thus insuring there are always two clear holes in the toy. If you purchased a Four Paws Pimple Ball with Bell toy, please immediately take the toy away from your pet. Instructions to return the toy are posted on our website Thank you again for your message and your concern. Please be assured that the safety and well being of pets is our top priority and we are doing everything we can to make sure that this problem is solved as quickly as possible. Sincerely, Allen Simon President/CEO Regards, Haley Birk Office Manager Four Paws Products Ltd. 50 Wireless Blvd. Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) 434-1100 - Phone (631) 851-0648 - Fax ""
DrCharlesGreco DrCharlesGreco 9 years
My name is Dr. Charles Greco. I’m a veterinarian in New York. I came across your blog about your dog Chai. I wanted to extend my well wishes for a speedy recovery. I own 6 dogs, 2 cats, 4 birds and 3 tortoises, so I know how much a pet can become a part of the family. I was shocked to learn that the toy that hurt poor Chai came from Four Paws Pet Products. I have used many products from Four Paws from Wee Wee Pads to toys and dental products and I have always found them to be of the highest quality. I personally contacted Four Paws today and talked to some lady in the customer service department that told me that the toy that hurt Chai was the result of a manufacturing defect in one shipment of the pimple ball with bell toy. She explained that the defect, which is very difficult to see with the naked eye, is caused by a blockage in a small hole in the ball that is critical to regulating the suction inside the toy. She also told me that when Four Paws learned of the injury to Chai they immediately stopped shipping the product to distributors and retailers. She also said that Four Paws asked any retailers that had this toy in their possession to remove the toy and send them back to Four Paws. She told me that Four Paws is individually inspecting everyone of the pimple balls in its inventory in order to identify and discard any that are defective. She also said that Four Paws will also be changing the packaging of its pimple balls to make it easier to inspect them for potential defects. I was surprised when she told me that the Executive V.P., Barry Askin, was so deeply moved by the injury to Chai that he is personally visiting the manufacturer next month to inspect the manufacturer’s operation and to make sure the defect has been corrected and that procedures are in place to make sure the defect has been corrected and that procedures are in place to make sure it will not happen again. It was reassuring that this company is not sitting by idly but is taking an active role in making sure this terrible accident never happens again. I would just urge any pet owner who may already own one of these toys to check carefully to see if the second small hole in the ball is blocked. If they have any doubt whether the hole is open they should not let their pet play with the ball. I also went on Four Paws’ webpage, On the webpage they state that they will replace any defective toy. Again, all the best to you and Chai. I hope the two of you can share many years of happiness ahead.
nicoletita nicoletita 9 years
ooooooor you could make another hole..?
Plastic-bee Plastic-bee 9 years
That's so awful!
shepptacular shepptacular 9 years
This is awful I couldn't even check the pictures because I felt like crying just reading the story. This is awful and the best thing to do is just spread this story as far as we can so that people can boycott this company in general. True animal lovers would never put their animal in a position that could lead to causing harm and would therefore quickly take notice.
trvlfox trvlfox 9 years
I sent an email to the company requesting a recall. They sent an email back saying the settled with Chai's daddy. Well, it turns out it's not over due to the companies refusal to change the design or stop producing this ball. Another story of corporations buying their way out regardless of what may happen. The reason why Chai's daddy decided to continue persevering a boycott of their product, he received a few emails from various dog owners who in the past also experienced similar injuries that have resulted in death. I admire his dedication. As for me, I plan to boycott ANY FOUR PAW PRODUCT. Why? This is only one item I'm aware of that they have not bothered to change the design even after being warned about it since 2005. Shame on them. And their motto is "The brand you can trust". Really? full story -
Kitty-Geek Kitty-Geek 9 years
OMG that is so sad. That poor dog! ugh...
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