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Four Stress-Relieving Products For Pets

From Treats to Tabs, Four Types of Pet Stress Solutions

Holidays often result in an onslaught of unfamiliar faces in your home — or trips to new homes — which can be rather stressful for some pets! If you're already thinking of Thanksgiving dinner, stop and take a moment to consider your pets. While there are medications that are offered for aggression and anxiety, I've researched de-stressors for pets and rounded up information about four very different solutions. Find out about each of these products, the active ingredients, and my recommendations when you read more.

  • Treats: Beefeaters Anti-Stress Rawhide Stix ($4). Not your ordinary rawhide, these treats feature antioxidants and are fortified with calming chamomile, green tea, and vitamins A, C, and E. I'd recommend these for pups whose noses turn up at any hidden pill or surprise food addition.
  • Tablets: Nutrition Now Pet Calm ($5) These nonprescription relaxants pack herbs, vitamins, and minerals, including valerian root, that naturally help relieve stress, anxiety, and nervousness. These are best for "event-related stress" like veterinarian trips or even thunderstorms.
  • Drops: Rescue Remedy (drops, $20; spray, $23) Full of five flower essences (including helianthemum, clematis, and impatiens), these reportedly calm a pooch without added drowsiness and are alcohol-free. Since the drops need between 30–60 minutes to start working, consider these drops before a car or plane trip. While I've never tasted it, you can sneak these drops into water or food or spray right on a pup's tongue if he's willing.
  • Diffuser: Comfort Zone with DAP ($21) There has to be some dog that doesn't like treats, right?! For the trickiest takers, this plugs in like an air freshener, but instead of sweet scents, it releases dog-appeasing pheromones that mimic a new mother's natural ones. It functions well for dogs that hate being left alone since it continuously works while you're at work.
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