Cats and tuna go together like peanut butter and North. If you've never fed a cat fresh fish, then you are missing out on a love fest like you've never seen! My first cat would eat tuna faster than I could say "come 'n get it!" and then look me over at every meal after that as if to say, "Where's my tuna!?"

You bet when I saw these freeze-dried tuna bits, I figured it would keep the love from the cat coming, without bringing the expectation that he would get it at every meal . . . 'cause that can get expensive! Made with freshly baked and freeze dried yellow fin and ahi tuna, the treats are preservative-free, contain no artificial colorings or byproducts, and are even free of salt and sucrose, which is more than I can say about some of the foods I eat! Plus, the price is right at $9 for a four-ounce can. And when kitty tires of tuna, just hand over the mahi mahi and ocean white fish version, made from 100 percent pollock. It's a win-win for you both!