I've seen these edible grass kits for cats popping up everywhere these days, and I knew (like dogs), grass can helps aid in digestion. What I didn't know was that a grass garden like this one from Cat Livin ($18), is loaded with a variety of oats, wheat, rye, and barley all-in-one, and naturally helps kitty rid herself of hairballs. Growing in 4-6 days, you can reuse the stainless steel container and replacement seeds are inexpensive at $5. It makes sense if your cat doesn't go out as much as your pooch, or is strictly indoors, that you bring the grass to her – and protect your hardwood with one of the three handy placemat ($15) patterns. Plus I'd like having a nice, green patch of grass inside my apartment – especially when living in a city where grass isn't always readily accessible (or sanitary)!