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Get the Grooming Goods: Bristle Hair Brushes

The one that looks most like it belongs in my bathroom (with a handle), a bristle brush can remove loose hair, mats, and tangles like the Slicker – with regular use, it actually helps reduce shedding. To tell if a particular version should be used on your dog, look at the length of and spacing between the bristles. The longer the coat, the longer and more widely spaced the bristles should be. With coarser hair, stiffer, closely spaced bristles work best.

This brush can safely work on all coat types and even small puppies 'cause it's super smooth! Both the short 'n' wiry (terriers) and short 'n smooth (hounds, retrievers) benefit from the short, closely spaced bristled I mentioned above while medium to long, flowing coats (e.g., Lhaso Apsos, Golden Retrievers) can be handled by a softer version with long, widely spaced bristles. North has one of these combo brushes ($8) – short bristles on one side, pins on the reverse – and it's great to give him a quick once twice over before a big playdate.

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akrsouth akrsouth 8 years
We use this type last, first a pin brush, then a slicker and then a bristle to smooth it all out. This is nice to the hair around the face.
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