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Get the Grooming Goods: Love Glove

The final product of my Get the Grooming Goods series is the Love Glove ($13) (pardon the name). This grooming glove removes a furry friend's loose hair and debris while you are gently petting him . . . something you'd be doing anyway, right?! The soft rubber tips massage his skin, stimulating natural oils and making it easier to get at those normally hard-to-reach spots like legs, bellies, and tails.

It's not just for your pet, though! Learn where else you can use this product when you


Use the grooming glove to remove hair from carpet, furniture, and other upholstery in your home and car. Use the same long, slow movement you'd use on your short or long-hared pet, then peel the hair away, and rinse the glove in cool water for next time! I bet this wouldn't scare away even the most brush-shy animal around – have any of you ever used these, too?

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Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
A friend gave me one of these for my cats, and it didn't work well at all at removing their loose hair. (They did protest a lot less when I used this than when I just brush them, though. )I can see how it might work better for dogs, though.
ladyr ladyr 8 years
I have this, and I usually use it on my dogs after I have gone over them with a deshedding comb (like the Furminator). They love the massaging feeling of it. I had never thought to use it on furniture or in my car. Good idea! I will have to try that.
Mr-Mads-Dad Mr-Mads-Dad 8 years
I also use it on my pug... it works great! Except for the red velcro tab. They need to sew it on a little better.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
millarci, I have a pug, and he's got short hair :]
Pets Pets 8 years
Totally, millarci!
millarci millarci 8 years
Can I use this on short-haired dogs (i.e. Rat Terrier), Pet Sugar?
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
I use one of these on Eegor and he absolutely LOVES it! He always wanted to eat the other brushes I used on him, but ever since we got this he seems to enjoy getting brushed a whole lot more!
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