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As its name implies, a pin brush ($4 and up) consists of stainless-steel pins with rounded and often plastic-coated tips. This type of brush is strong on dense, curly coats but also works for breeds with thin, delicate hair (Yorkies, Maltese, etc.). It shouldn't cause discomfort to your pups while grooming – in fact, the ends offer a slight massaging action . . . feels nice on their skin and helps loosen hair, too!

Learn other breeds it's good for when you


Pin brushes work best on pets with medium to long hair (think setters and spaniels). It's a great tool for introducing a daily regimen – after the mats are removed by thorough grooming, this tool fluffs up the coat when you brush against the direction of hair growth.

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akrsouth akrsouth 8 years
This is a best thing for getting the mats out and ready for a good grooming. It does not get enough of the loose hairs for me.
DawnoftheDanes DawnoftheDanes 8 years
No! No! No! The pin brushes are for dogs who get brushed at least twice a day! They do not get out knots (mats) and are a waste of money because they don't work for the average American dog. How do I know this? I am a groomer by trade and I cry when I am made to brush out a matted dog, because the owner doesn't have the right equipment, or doesn't bother at all and only gets the dog groomed when they "get around to it". The proper brush for any coat that is longer than 1" is a slicker brush. Also, a metal comb is essential. You brush the coat with short, quick strokes... then follow with the comb to make sure all the knots are out. ALWAYS start at the bottom of the leg and work your way up and then forward towards the dog's head. Always brush before the bath, just like with human hair, the knots will come out easier and quicker and less painful for the dog. Now, for Labs, Great Danes (my breed), and any short hair dog.. a Zoom Groom is the bomb. Also a "Furminator" type de-shedder is essential for getting off that twice a year seasonal shed. Ok, off my soapbox now. Kiss your fur kids for me! DawnoftheDanes
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