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Get on the Hairballs This Summer!

As the name implies, a hairball is in fact a ball of hair – the clump of ingested fur forms in a kitty's tummy and, if it becomes too big, causes that "present" found on your carpet. Because of the heat of the season, many cats shed more in the summertime, making this a growing problem. Even though cats groom themselves excessively, it's still important to brush them during this time, especially long-haired cats who've got more coat to collect. If you're noticing (or worried about) this problem, switch to a high-quality, special hairball formula food or a petroleum-based digestive aid. Already have a picky kitty on your hands? Try adding a teaspoon of yummy canned pumpkin or baby food squash to his normal food: The sticky stuff can help coat the tummy's contents and hopefully allow your cat to smoothly pass the hairball in the litterbox instead.


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