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Who'd think that a picture of Matthew Broderick walking a dog would give me such inspiration!? While he and SJP prepare a home for two lil (baby) bundles, movers cleared out their house, he brought out the family pooch . . . and reminded me of three simple tips:

  • No pets left behind With unfamiliar faces lifting heavy items (that could then fall), take your pet out during the packing and loading process. For cats, it may mean securing them in an empty room or carrier — movers can't pack the chair when kitty's trying to hide under it! For dogs, get a pal to puppysit or pop a pooch in daycare (I dropped North down the street when my movers relocated us to SF!)
  • Keep it together Store pet supplies in one box or, do as he appears, and stick them in an empty carrier so you won't need to be reading labels or digging around for the goods. If you've got an emergency kit locked and loaded, leave that aside to guarantee having key items . . . not taped in.

Get one more tip and glimpse one more pic when you


  • Don't pack it all in Seems Matthew forgot to leave out a leash as a rope does double-duty as a lead for the lil pup. Prevent this measure and put a leash in your purse before you start . . . you won't pack that in a box (I hope)!

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starangel82 starangel82 8 years
First, it's really unsafe to drive with your animal unsecured in a moving vehicle. (Trust me, I almost had an accident once because of my cat.) Don't consider letting your cats roam. Second, I would talk with your vet and see what they suggest. Maybe they can at least tell you how often you need to stop to let your cat use a litter box.
jelibeann jelibeann 8 years
great questions, Jabbadoo...we were going to be moving across country, but have traded that in for going just further north...however it will still be a 6 hour drive and our cat is the same way with the 1 mile trip to the vet :)
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 8 years
I'm going to be moving cross country and driving my car out. I have two cats and I'm concerned about the logistics of it all.. first of all, when I take them to the vet which is 1 mile away, they yowl like I'm torturing them, so how will they do for hours in a car. 2ndly, hours in a car. Yes they have a big crate, but do I put a little litter box in there too? They aren't like a dog where I can pull over at rest stop and let them out to run around a little. I know it will take me 3-4 days to drive so if anyone has any tips on this, please let me know!
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