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Dust off your outdoorsy gear and dig out the sunnies in time for Spring. Make the most of rising temperatures this season, and get active outdoors.

Grab rollerblades and take to the open road — if you don’t have any, borrow some or invest in a pair. They’ll last for years to come, and you won’t grow out of them. Uncrowded, flat spaces work best, but for an extra workout, test your skills heading up small hills using the same outward-moving strokes as cross-country skiing in Winter.

Take outside the endurance built up from indoor spin or fitness bike workouts with an actual bicycle. Look for a rental if you don’t own one, or head to a sporting goods store and borrow one for a demo. Taking a road bike for a spin gives you the chance to explore your city, or select a mountain bike for off-roading on trails and tracks instead.

Another option is walking, no new equipment required. Set off wandering in a local park or a nearby city. Either map out a specific path or, if you have a pedometer, set a goal of 10,000 steps (or five miles) and you’ll burn around 500 calories in the process.

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