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I've got travel on my mind since I just returned from a super-fun wild adventure! Now, I'm waiting 'til next week to share my details of swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with rays, but it was def sad leaving my lil pup at home. Way back when I picked up North from the breeder, she suggested I place one of my unwashed tees on his bed in the crate so he'd get used to my smell and feel snuggly and sleep better. When I left North for the first time, I brought along a square from that shirt for him. Now, he's used to going on overnight adventures alone . . . but, what do I pack in his travel bag? To find out,


Whether they're going to a hotel with you, or daycare all by themselves, it helps to pack a little travel bag – like this Weekender Pet Travel Gear Bag ($15.69) – for your pet. I'd include:

  • Dog Bed. If possible, bring along the bed your pup sleeps in. If your dog sleeps with you, consider packing a sheet.
  • Food. Although North's camp provides food, if it's not the food your pet is used to, his tummy can have a tricky transition. Make it easy on him (and the employees) and pack single meal plastic bags of dry food from home. That way mealtime will be smoother.
  • Treats and Toys. Consider bringing along some treats for your pet. If you have an overweight pup, this can help with portion control, and bringing those familiar toys will make him feel at home . . . away from home.
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akrsouth akrsouth 9 years
The Miss Fido Manners book has a great chapter on travel and what to note about packing.
wren1 wren1 9 years
I always bring his regular food, but I hadn't thought of the sheet idea. Next time I'll bring that, too.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 9 years
i'm super lucky because two out of my three dogs stay with their breeders when i go away. they don't even look twice as i leave because they are back where they were born and surrounded by their doggie family. for my not so lucky pup (who can't stay with his breeder)... i've tried a few different things with him - including the vet's boarding program which i'd never do again. however, i've since found that there are doggie day care / overnight places that are on farms. the dogs have tons of outdoor time with other pups and play all day. each pup brings their own crate from home so the inside smells familiar. by bedtime they are exhausted and they all sleep inside the house. i do send my special little guy with his bagged up food from home and his favorite toy for his crate.
ILovePugs ILovePugs 9 years
In addition to a familiar toy, I pack a new one! I find my pup gets stressed when staying somewhere new, and this provides a nice distraction for him and he acts more like his usual self. He seems to like travelling more when he gets a new bone out of the deal :)
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