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Whose lead would you follow? While Giovanni chooses a one-leash-per-hand tactic, his girlfriend uses a double duty, single-handed strategy. Now I've definitely seen dog walkers in my neighborhood with an armful of leashes, and it can result in some mighty tangles. I'm curious to know, even if you've got just one furry friend, how would you feel more comfortable walking two pooches at once?


bellalovesrupert bellalovesrupert 9 years
Thank you to you all for the advice--will definetly try the coupler. Thanks
meah8 meah8 9 years
A coupler is the best way to splits one leash into two (looking like a Y). You only use one hand they can't get tangled because right before the split is a rotating metal attachment.
bransugar79 bransugar79 9 years
one leash with a coupler if you can get away with it. If there is a a big difference in size then that might not work and then I would say it all depends on the activity level of the dog
klreynol klreynol 9 years
For our greyhounds, we have a coupler -- it connects to both of their collars and has a ring at the end for one leash to connect to. Two dogs, one leash, one hand! =)
wakeupandora wakeupandora 9 years
I have three dogs, the two non pullers go in one hand and the moderate puller with the poop bag holder go in the other. Done! Bella - I think you need to take a week or so and walk them separately to leash train them, perhaps with positive reinforcement and treats for walking as close to your side loose leash as you can.. If you don't have the time for that - God knows how little time one can have with dogs! - walk them together but try to reinforce a good walk with them. with mine, if they see a bunny and start pulling I stop dead in my tracks, then start going after they calm down, then if they still pull I jerk the leash a bit. It took a while, but I can safely walk three dogs now!
pugglelover pugglelover 9 years
I switch it up. Sometimes one in each or two in one hand. I finally started relaxing and only giving them little room to pull so they no longer do that. I've been trying to follow the dog whisperer and it has been working for me
bellalovesrupert bellalovesrupert 9 years
OK I seriously need help with this one!! I have two Chow Chows--- We used to live in a house with a garden--so only got walked once in a while---now I have moved into a apartment--and have to walk the two dogs every morning and evening for potty---But I am really struggling to walk two dogs---I have tried 2 leashes in one hand---That is a nightmare---and I have tried a leash in each hand---and that is a nightmare as well---cause they both pull--in opposite directions of course! They are quite big dogs,especially my male Chow--and then there's little 'ol me trying to hold them back when they pull..It looks like they'walking me,and not the other way round:) HELP PEOPLE! would a leash splitter be the best for this situation? thanks
pjamgrl pjamgrl 9 years
It would depend on the spaz factor of the dogs I was walking.
Ellenora Ellenora 9 years
Each one gets their own leash for this reason--easier training. I train Zena while I walk her (sit, stay and down are the big ones). If I were walking two and I needed just to correct Zena or the other dog, I could just pull one dog's leash and not both causing one to think it did something wrong. It's easier to keep one dog on each side so they are better behaved and have room to move around.
Aphrosette Aphrosette 9 years
It varies on their behavior, sometimes I use a leash per hand if one is getting kind of pully but other times I use two leashes in one hand if they are being more well behaved.
sunny1intucson sunny1intucson 9 years
I've got a chow and a greyhound. There's no way my one arm could hold both of them! Plus one's a boy and the other is a girl, so the boy is always stopping to mark something. But I suppose for smaller dogs you could double up on the one hand.
ladyr ladyr 9 years
I think it depends on the dogs' size and behavior. For dogs of similar height, I think leash splitters are great!! That way you only have to use one leash for multiple dogs. No tangled leashes! Right now, I have a tiny dog and a large dog, and I can't use a leash splitter because of their height difference. Sometimes, I go one handed if they are walking well, while other times I like to have one in each hand so they don't get tangled. If we are jogging, I usually have one on each side, so my little one doesn't get trampled. When I walk my two pups with my mom's dog, I usually use a leash splitter with my large dog and my mom's, and my little one walks on my other side.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 9 years
those pups are the size of large vermin ... both leashes in one hand. please - the pull of those would be nothing! now, try putting a medium or large breed at the end of those leashes - that guy would topple over. not only do you need two hands but you need to get your balance, too.
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