Next up, let's focus on a way to Give Back something you love – Have any passions you could share with your local shelter, animal care and control, humane society or rescue? Say, for example, you tried to find volunteer or donation information on their website . . . only to realize that they don't have one. Here are a couple talents you could use to help them get the word out:

  • Web designers: Offer to help improve or set up a website for needy shelters. PS, it's easier than ever to get them started using our very own OnSugar platform.

Find more suggestions when you


  • Photographers/Graphic designers: Volunteer to take photos of the pets for a newsletter, website or simply to display the cute faces needing forever homes.
  • Advertising/Marketing professionals: Make fliers, offer to man temporary adoption locations, or come up with other creative ways to get the word out there. Contact alumni organizations, businesses or other groups looking for volunteer opportunities to see if you could set up a fundraising drive or event to benefit the shelter itself.
  • Writers: Help write or edit newsletters, mailers, newspaper ads or even clever captions and bios for the organization's website or pamphlets.

Any other skill sets I've forgotten? Share them in your comments below.