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A Little Flavor Goes a Long Way For Reluctant Drinkers

Dehydration is a real danger for dogs and cats! Now that you know how to check your animals, let's tackle the solution. While you can lead a horse dog to water, you can't make him drink it.
Lucky for us, community member fuzzles offered this awesome bit of advice in her comments on the original post:

Try offering her a bit of chilled, *salt-free* chicken or beef broth in a bowl. (Throw away any portion that she doesn't drink immediately after she finishes.) If it becomes an area of concern, speak to your vet and ask to be shown how to administer bagged fluids with a beveled needle. It's a little intimidating at first, but in all honesty is much less painful for the animal than the owner!

I'd like to add one more reminder to check the label to make sure the broth or bullion cubes are free of the dangerous onions or garlic, too, and dilute the broth with water for a healthier alternative!

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fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Great idea as well, secondstar! I say whatever keeps the critters moist and healthy! :D
secondstar secondstar 7 years
I was going to try this, but ended up finding another solution by accident! After I dropped an ice cube on the floor I found out that my dog thinks they're treats/toys. She chases then around, crushes them, and gobbles them up. Last night she ate 5 in a row, and I'm pretty sure she would have taken more. I'm sticking to ice for now, but I'm keeping the broth tip in mind once it gets too chilly out for ice treats.
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Hey! Thanks for posting this! A funny story. Many years ago one of my Himalayan girls got a kitty cold and dehydration became an issue. The vet had me giving her salt free chicken broth with at home with an oral syringe for a period of time until she recovered. She loved this so much that she would come up to me when she was thirsty and open her mouth like a baby bird wanting to be fed. Only in this case, "broth-ed." I actually had to WEEN her! *shaking head*
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