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Last week's episode of the Greatest American Dog saw Brandy and her Miniature Schnauzer, Beacon, leave the house. I had the chance to speak with Brandy about her time on the show, plus her plans now that she's home again, and I can't wait to share it all with you! Was Beacon really sad in the end? How about any drama behind-the-scenes? Read on and see!

PetSugar: So, I'll assume you're watching, how is Beacon's personality different on camera?
Brandy: Oh yeah, it's insane. My poor dog looks like the dumbest dog on the show. She's so smart, she's so cute, she did almost everything I asked her to but the editing doesn't really look like it at all. I definitely realized how much eye contact she makes with me and hadn't ever noticed it until I looked back. She looks up at me, waits for my command, and I just think she's the most precious thing ever. If anything, this is a really good home video of me and my dog that I can watch forever.

PetSugar: Did she have any special friends?
Brandy: She loved Elvis and she loved Presley. Those were her favorites. I don't know if it was because she had a crush on them, but she loved to play with those two.

PetSugar: And you?
Brandy: Travis and J.D. were definitely my favorites – they were fun. J.D. has a bad rap but he's really a good guy – he's just a little too experienced for the show. Those two guys were cool, country guys and it was fun hanging out with both of them.

PetSugar: Is there anything you hoped to see make it on air that hasn't?
Brandy: I was hoping to see more of Beacon doing things and the dogs interacting with each other because that's the whole reason we went on the show – I'd like to see more of her and less of me.

PetSugar: Were there any cute moments that pop into your head?
Brandy: I think Beacon hanging out with other dogs in general, especially Presley. If Travis would throw the Frisbee, Beacon and Presley would catch the Frisbee together. They never showed that and it was the cutest thing ever. Of course, Elvis did bite a few dogs or whatever, but Elvis and Beacon got along so well. Hmm, all the dogs swimming . . . that was adorable. Because we're all dog lovers, even though we're in a competition, watching all our dogs interact with each other was like watching toddlers who didn't know each other and that was so much fun. Our dogs brought us here and now our dogs are friends – it's awesome and that's the main thing I miss.

PetSugar: Have your training methods changed since participating on the show?
Brandy: When we're doing training at home, I always talk to her like a little baby. That's how I've always talked to her. Here, the very first competition was musical chairs and I knew it was a competition, so I was like 'Beacon, go' and she freaked out because I don't talk to her in a demanding voice like that ever. So I think I learned to keep the same mellow tone with training or talking and she'll respond more; I can't get too hyper, excited, angry, it has to have a tone that dogs can listen to without getting nervous. She doesn't respond to that other voice like 'You're going to talk to me like that, well then forget you.'"

PetSugar: I know! She was being so naughty, ignoring you on the last episode!
Brandy: She yawned! It was like 'are you kidding me, I'm your mother. Don't yawn at me when I'm trying to talk to you!' She was being so bad, I don't know why she did that. She wanted to go home, that's all I can say. She was done and wanted to leave.

I'd have to say that the editing of the episode did imply that Beacon wanted to go home . . . and what's happening now that they are home? See the rest of the interview and learn about Beacon's wardrobe and Brandy's wedding when you


PetSugar: Have your opinions on dogs in clothes changed?
Brandy: Well my fiancé says she has more clothes than me. I think that when I have a child, I'm going to go broke. I don't know why I just love her wearing clothes. Believe it or not, I actually stopped buying her clothes after I went on the show. I feel really bad about a lot of the things the judges said to me or other people about dressing dogs and so, for now, I'm gonna stop buying clothes – she's totally being dressed at my wedding – but maybe I'll let her be a dog for a little while instead of a little model.

PetSugar: Was it hard to find clothes that fit her?
Brandy: Oh no, I find clothes for her everywhere. She's 20 pounds but we actually have the right size for her so my fiancé's mom and I could start making clothes to fit just her. There's actually a good selection if you go to Wal-Mart, (I love Wal-Mart cause I'm from the South) – they have a dog line, Lulu Pink, and tons of pet stuff. I know people like shopping at Target, but I think Wal-Mart has a better selection actually.

PetSugar: Are you still planning on involving animals in your wedding ceremony?
Brandy: Oh, of course. We're focusing on her outfit to match the bridesmaids' dresses and what she's going to do. She's walking down the aisle with flowers on the back of her dress. She's going to be the ring bearer of course as well, so on top of the flowers she's going to have the ring. We're also thinking about having a 'bone appetit' for the dogs that come at their table. We're actually doing a little set up for each little dog, we're going to have a photo shoot, and have bone appetit for them to eat, it's going to be so awesome.

PetSugar: So now that it's done, are you happy you participated?
Brandy: In the end, Beacon, who is a daddy's girl, for the show we had to bond more. Instead of just being the nurturing mother I became the fun mother, too, which she never had because my fiancé would always play with her and do all the fun stuff. So we walked away with a greater bond. And, after 45 days apart, I came back and I actually got a ring, and got engaged. He missed me so much, he was like 'let's stop talking about it, let's really get the ring' so I think that alone was enough to go on the entire show. Because we missed each other that much and he knew that he always wanted Beacon and me in his life . . . the knowing that we never wanted to be apart.

Awww, well even though Brandy and Beacon didn't win big (but did keep some swag like a Chrome Bones bed, Natural Balance dog food, and enough Nature's Specialties shampoo and conditioners to last forever), I'm glad that their full family is reunited once again! Don't forget to tune in tonight at 8 p.m. to the latest episode of Greatest American Dog on CBS!

"Photos courtesy of CBS

meah8 meah8 9 years
Yawning is a sign of anxiety. Brandi was very anxious and nervous in her last episode, which transferred into Beacons behavior. She wasn't bored by Brandi or trying to be naughty, she was anxious.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
I'm rooting for Presley, but if he wins there will be an explosion of boxers. Right now I can count the number of times I've met another boxer. But they are the best dog ever, ever!
JennaV JennaV 9 years
I keep forgetting to watch this!
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Beacon really was adorable. Thanks for the interview, Pet!!! The interview definitely paints a different picture than what the show was making her out to be (annoying, whiny, and jealous). I'm glad to see that perhaps that isn't necessarily the real Brandy. And I do agree with her that the show definitely needs to show more the dogs interactions with each other...and less of the humans one-on-one aka bickering time!!!
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