There is always time for love in between team challenges and I think something is a-brewing on Greatest American Dog between Travis (single!) and Laura as they start "getting to know each other" a little better. I get the feeling the entire house is developing a crush on Travis considering the daggers Laura was getting thrown by the other ladies! Something tells me there is some juicy drama on the way . . .

This week, with two teamwork challenges to compete in, the fur hit the fan and the claws came out. Surprisingly, Laurie found herself in the center of it all as she confronted Beth Joy for bringing Andrew into her clothing tirade from last week, and even seemed to throw David under the bus for having Elvis on a leash during the Best in Show Challenge. Who knew gentle Laurie could be such a fierce competitor!?

After all was said and done, someone had to go home. To find out who it was, just


After his team lost the Best in Show challenge, little Elvis and David were sent packing. My favorite quote of the night? "Elvis has left the building!"

Okay, is anyone else all teared up!? I knew you would be!