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First puppies and now an elephant?! For last night's episode of Greatest American Dog, the remaining humans (Travis, J.D., Bill, Laurie, and Teresa) had to get their pets (Presley, Galaxy, Star, Andrew, and Leroy) to sit in a circle as an elephant approached them, made tons of noise and flapped its ears, and eventually got close enough to pick up a banana placed nearby. It came down to a faceoff between Presley and Andrew, and the smallest pooch there (Laurie's Maltese) didn't move a muscle – wow! Next, it was a course finishing in a doggie zipline – that J.D. and Galaxy made look like a piece of cake – but, unfortunately, two dogs (Star and Andrew) wouldn't take that leap. In the end, the judges chose to send Bill and Star packing which made me sad 'cause I was totally pulling for them, but happy since I got to chat with him this morning. . . . and, yes, he's just as sweet on the phone as he looks on TV:

On meeting an elephant for the first time: You remember, we've got our back towards that elephant? I'm watching Star and saying "sit, stay, sit, stay" and her eyes are getting bigger and bigger and it's like one of us has got to move, I hope she tells me when I'm supposed to move! That was thrilling to me, just thrilling.

Learn what happens when Star meets the elephant for the second and third (?) time when you


On meeting an elephant for the second time: Although she didn't win the challenge, later we were able to go over and visit with the elephant. Star actually ended up sitting on one of the elephant's feet and it was a positive atmosphere. They didn't want dogs to be afraid of big things running at them anymore. The elephant actually took its nose and smelled all over Star and she just sat and looked at it – I asked the guy what it was doing and he said the elephant's never seen a dog like Star so he's smelling and remembering so that, the next time he sees one, he'll know what that is.

On meeting an elephant for the third time: I feel comfortable now that if there's an elephant charging down the street here in Flint, TX, Star will sit right there and watch it go by.

On preparing for the zipline challenge: I got up there and worked with her during practice time. I shook the platform and the guys up there at the top said "don't shake this," but I banged and clanged up there for Star's benefit. I knew the wind might be blowing and it might shake so I wanted her to understand that everything's good and it's fine for your feet to move underneath you.

On doing the challenge: When she got to the edge in what you saw last night, there was one point where I actually thought she was going to jump. Then she said "nah, dogs ain't supposed to fly, my boy" and I read that. She was like "I'll sit right here and you figure it out, Bubba." I saw that expression but I spent a good 10 to 15 minutes trying to get her to jump off that.

On not jumping off: I appreciate her not jumping off that ledge. She was smarter than I thought because we work in some areas where it's high-rise parking garages and, maybe she then thinks it's OK to jump off something chasing a bird? I feel comfortable knowing she did the wise thing, she was wiser than me.


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tiabia tiabia 9 years
I too will miss Bill & Starr. I was rooting for them to win. Both challenges this week were equally difficult. I was so proud of little teeny Andrew staying will that 9000 lbs elephant approached him. I was also suprised that 3 of the 5 dogs actually did that leap, it looked HUGE. Hoping everything is alright with Galaxy!!!!
chancleta chancleta 9 years
I loved the interview! Thank you! I will miss Bill and Star. I do hope Galaxy will be ok and I was sad about how hard they were on Travis and Presley.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
I am soooooo sad that Star is gone! :-( I dunno if I will continue to watch. I also hope that Galaxy is okay.
ladyr ladyr 9 years
That episode was intense. I could not believe how brave little Andrew was when facing that elephant!! He didn't move a muscle!! And the zip line was pretty crazy too. I was surprised that 3 of the 5 dogs jumped. I hope Galaxy will be ok!!! Sad to see Bill and Star go!!
hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 9 years
GAD was pre-empted for me here with the DNC. I'm sad that Bill and Star are gone, as I was really rooting for them. I watched the clip of Galaxy and JD that you posted and I'm incredibly surprised that ANY dogs went off that ledge. I'd have a hard time stepping of that ledge!
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