It was another doozy on Greatest American Dog. With dancing last time and now painting this week . . . how much more can I take? I had the chance to chat with Laura yesterday – and decided to recap the latest episode with some of her comments. She was super sweet so stay tuned for more from her later on.

On last night's show: In the beginning of the episode, Preston still has the black mohawk from the night before which was the "dancing with the dogs" night. We were given the task to paint at about four in the afternoon. We had a lesson and, by the time we could start painting, it was nighttime – California (Agora Hills) at night with short hair, he was chilly. He was so exhausted – you know your dog, you know when they're just not themselves and I just looked into his little eyes glazed over like 'Mama, I'm having fun but I kinda just want to sleep in, I don't really feel like painting.'

On the painting process: We didn't get started until about noon, not because I was lazy. That's why I was really trying to be intricate with the stencils to prepare things for him to do. What the cameras didn't show was halfway through the day, it started raining and we had nothing done. Rather than having him paint in the rain, they didn't show me making stakes in the ground and taking a tarp to put a cover over him so that he wouldn't get wet and he wouldn't be cold. He was just so tired that I tried to make it as fun as I could have.

On her bond with Preston: He represents the bond I wish I had with my mom. I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was six and that's what that whole painting was about and I had explained to the judges and clearly they could care less. It's a dog, a dog doesn't know the difference between a heart and a pretzel, he did the best he could. When he's supposed to paint a picture of the love that we share and doesn't feel like doing it, I'm not going to make him paint any more than he really wants to.

On their performance: I'm doing what my mother would have wanted, if she was in that situation – she said to the people in my family before she died, 'Make sure my daughters do what makes them happy. Make sure they live every day and every moment doing what's best for them. I don't care about money, I don't care about education, I just want my daughters to be happy.' It was so emotional thinking about my mom and this incredible bond I'm so lucky to have with my dog. I felt bad that's why we went home and was disappointed in some of the comments considering it was supposed to be judged on the message and he used like nine different techniques, even though he was exhausted. I know Preston has lots of skills and maybe painting's not one of them and that's fine – I still love him more than anything.

What about her call-out on Beth Joy? Find out when you


On her comments about Beth Joy: People have to realize that for every five sentences that you say on camera, you've probably spoken for about 30 minutes. I really respect Beth Joy and know she loves Bella Starlet more than anything. Her and I are very different in the way that we take care of our dogs and I don't necessarily agree with a lot of the things that she does and I felt really bad that it seemed like I completely threw her under the bus. It was just the fact that her dog has issues with her paws and she finished her painting about four hours earlier than everyone else – we all wondered why she tried to get through so quickly and not try to make it a little more positive and a little bit less stressful for Bella Starlet. Clearly she wasn't going to hurt her it was just like, you know, why are you still here? Really, why did Ron and Tillman go home last week, why were Michael and Ezzie kicked off the first week? We like you but you probably shouldn't be here, your dog's crying.

On the outcome: Travis felt bad. He's probably the most patient person in the house who was really sweet to get to know Beth Joy better than anyone else and did the right thing in defending her. It looks like it was Travis versus me in last night's episode but I happened to be the first one on stage and the judges poked and prodded about what was going on with Preston and I, asking 'well, was any dog overly challenged in your opinion?' and then they take it out of context and make it seem like I just threw it out there and volunteered the information when really my painting had nothing to do with Beth Joy. I think people at home, they know that both of us love our dogs. It's a show, they want it to be dramatic. All of us are friends. Travis and I adore each other. Laurie, Teresa, and I are good friends. We all respect Beth Joy so I hope that the public sees that, at the end of the day, we all tried to do what was best for our dogs.