As much as I want to rename this the Greatest American Show Ever on CBS, I'll let it stick with its original title for now . . . but OMG, it's getting even better! Last night's episode had ups (fancy schmancy dinner) and downs (Star's ER visit), but all in all I was pleased with the results.

In the end, the biggest dog was eliminated – Kenji the Giant Schnauzer and owner Elan. As annoying as I find Beth Joy and Bella Starlet, the judges pointed out Elan's abrasive-training techniques. With a harsh voice, constant snapping in the pup's face, and distracting whistles, she was seriously stressing her pooch out . . . and the other dogs, too. With Michael (the comedian) gone from last week, there were fewer snappy remarks but I've pulled some of my favorite things I overhead. Pick the funniest (and let me know if I missed anything funnier in your comments below)!