For this week's episode "Chow Time," the remaining groomers got two basic tips: judges would evaluate how they handled the Chow Chow's temperament and how they adhered to the breed's standard. Now, I agree with the judges, even though Will's dog looked very sculpted, it did not look like a chow should, it received a cut best fitting an American Eskimo dog. However, he did seem to handle Kia very well. Kathleen on the other hand, insisted on muzzling her dog and struggled to get over her fear of this breed, but performed a more fitting look for Zorro.

In the end, Kathleen is reminded not to judge a dog by its breed and Will is sent home for not providing a cut that fits the AKC standards. Frankly, neither of them impressed me this week, and Kathleen's sometimes catty attitude (usually instigating with Jonathan) annoys me. What do you think – did Will deserve to go or should Kathleen been sent home instead?