As the episode name implies, this week's competition saw our groomers prepping dogs to be cover models for Groomer to Groomer magazine. The remaining six contestants chose from the frolicking pups at Long Beach Dog Park – which involved spotting a good one, as well as convincing his or her owner to hand the pooch over.

I'm not gonna lie . . . I was a bit terrified by most of the results, and had to remind myself that professional grooming magazines and competitions often involve zany cuts and colors. The pooch you see at the top was our winning pup. Find out who prepped him (and who got kicked off) when you


Kathleen chose the 4-month-old Scruffy (who she renamed "The Amazing Scruffy") and created the circus-ready pup according to her theme. It's hard to see it here but she actually groomed a drum-style triangle pattern on his tum before adding this cut (which looks rather Löwchen-like to me). And, even though Jessica's bathed Golden had a cute picture, she was eliminated for choosing such an easy breed and simply relying on the props to tell the story of her Western-style pooch. I guess the challenge was not just a pretty dog but an intricate cut and color, too. Did you see the episode and do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.