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Groomer Has It Recap: "Down to Business"

Groomer Has It Recap: "Down to Business"

Well, this week totally tested the ingenuity of the three remaining contestants on Groomer Has It. Each had to create their own mobile grooming station in a dog park and the one who attracted the most clients, and made the most money, would be the quick-sniff challenge winner. Now Jorge's approach of only asking for donations caused him to come out on the bottom – although several people gave him $20 for his services, another gave him just $2 in change. This week's tip was how to help keep your pup clean and healthy post-park playtime: Instead of going for a full bath each time, or letting him trek dirt in the house, bring a towel and waterless shampoo to brush him off before heading home. It's also a great time to do a flea and tick check as well as peeping his nails and coat to make sure he hasn't gotten any injuries while roughhousing.

See what breed the groomers were challenged with this week (hint: handstripping was involved!), and who was eliminated when you


Jorge, Jonathan, and Artist had to handstrip Border Terriers fresh and muddy off an agility course. This "assisted combing" is when you pull out the hair without breaking it. A knife would break the hair and change the growth of the hair pattern, so the key is to pull out the wiry guard hairs without damaging the short, dense undercoat. Even though Artist had never even attempted this technique before, his pup looked quite good when he was done. At the end of the show, Jorge was sent home leaving Jonathan and Artist as the top two. I can't wait to see who takes home the $50,000, grooming van, and the title of "Groomer of the Year!"

Source: Animal Planet

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cubadog cubadog 9 years
I love Artist because he is not arrogant and has come the furtherest.
Toby-Fanz Toby-Fanz 9 years
Do any of you people know who Toby Mac is? And who loves God? leave me a comment if you cccan answer one or both of those Q's!
couture-yourself couture-yourself 9 years
I love Artist. I loved Jorge, I was sad to see him go. But, I think Jonathan is soooo talented. Although, Artist may give him a run for his money... He does have the personality, after all. I can't wait to see who wins!
runnergeek runnergeek 9 years
ok. i love artist after the episode with the shelter where he picked the hardest to adopt dog. what a great guy!
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