After last week's equally odd choice of dog "models", this week's Quick Sniff Challenge consisted of shearing sheep (baaaaa!) – in the words of one participant, he was "shocked, appalled, and scared." After the 11 remaining groomers worked their magic using what looked like a hedge trimmer on lil lambs, they finally had the chance to tackle pups! Excellent. Sticking with the theme, this week's breed was a real live herding dog – the bearded collie. The contestants had to wash and style the pooches making sure to get out mats and tangles and have the hair lie flat, while still giving the pups that rugged, natural look they're known for. So, who was deemed the best in show this week? Find out when you

Jonathan once again captured the "top dog" spot on this episode! I can't say I'm surprised as this self-proclaimed celebrity dog groomer def has the confidence to carry him through. If you've missed either of the first two episodes, you can catch up online before the next one airs on Saturday!