There's always a new twist on Groomer Has It! This week, it wasn't just the judges evaluating the performance, it was the dogs as well. Special guest pet psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick, joined the crew to communicate with the dog and find out which Westie had the most satisfying grooming experience in the Quick Sniff Challenge. In the end, it was Jonathan's pooch, Shorty, that was happiest with his results!

After that, their real challenge was to work with Portuguese Water Dogs, a relatively rare breed often with lots of matted hair. Their goal was to do a lion cut and Jonathan, the early winner, received a cheat sheet to help him along. Once again, the groomers needed to show confidence even if they've never done the cut or, as in Artist's case, never even seen this dog before. One tip I picked up was to let a pet sniff the brush before starting to comb him out – this lets him get familiar with what's happening. Whose show has come to an end this week? Find out when you


Kathleen's pup on the top was Best in Show (with Jonathan's right underneath as runner up), and Jasper was sent home. We're down to four!