Yowza . . . or, in this case, meowza is right! From the episode name, I had a feeling that felines would be involved in this week's challenge on Groomer Has It. But I still didn't know if these kitties would love water or if bath sacks would be a necessity! The guest judge, Donna Eisenberg, is a grooming expert for longhaired cats like the Himalayans we saw this week, and she offers some handy tips for grooming cats that would help the brave souls who bathe kitties all by themselves. See her pointers when you


  • Don't try to be the boss when bathing your cat because you're not gonna win. The key is staying confident and calm to make the animals as comfortable and stress-free as possible . . . and less likely to put up a fight.
  • Before you start bathing, comb the cat out. This helps to loosen up the mats and makes it easier to work out the tangles during bath time and have a smooth, flowing coat as a result.
  • If it's time for a trim, you can pluck the face area but do not scissor the face. You don't want to take the chance that you'll accidentally snip the cat's trademark, very important whiskers.

This week saw Kathleen and Will come out on top, with Kathleen impressing the judges and earning the title of best in show. And, although Artist was very rattled during the grooming process and ended up in the bottom two, it was Malissa (and her "seventh sense") that was sent home this week. Tune in next Saturday as just seven contestants remain!