With just a few episodes of Groomer Has It left, I'm anxiously waiting to see which remaining groomer will be crowned top dog. And, of all the shows we've seen so far, this one definitely touched me the most. The final four got straight down to business at the Lange Foundation, a nonprofit animal rescue organization that works with shelters in the LA area. The upside: they were grooming orphans for an upcoming adoption fair – the contestant with the first adopted pup comes out on top for the week. The downside: the groomer whose dog gets adopted last, gets sent home. Eeks!

Because Kathleen won last week's Quick Sniff Challenge she got to pick her dog first, and deliberated between the canine that needed the most help and the other less challenging grooming jobs. She ended up taking an easier dog and Artist, who chose next, picked the toughest pooch, Teddy (seen above), all tangled, matted, and stinky. As he began to shave the dog, his scabby injuries became more noticeable and it seemed impossible that Teddy would get adopted in this state. Learn what happened in this dramatic twist of events when you


Even if he's not your favorite, I was still so proud that Artist picked that dog – as he said, "life is full of second chances" and it seemed quite likely that he would be going home when his dog was adopted last. However, turns out he had to go back home . . . to the doghouse as no one was sent home this week! Yay! What did you think of this heart-wrenching episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.