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Grooming Terms You Should Know (Part 2)

Just two more days until Groomer Has It! I've pulled some more key terms you may hear on the show – from mucking to plucking, some of these words are new to me, too! Keep brushing up (har, har) and maybe you can shock your groomer on your pooch's next visit!

De-matting: When dogs shed, the fur sometimes remains below the surface of the dog’s top coat. If it is not removed, the shed can become matted. Groomers call the process of removing these mats de-matting. Removing mats can sometimes be painful for a dog, so groomers take special care to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible.

Dry bathing: If a dog does not require a full bath, some groomers will choose to dry bathe it. Many dry bathing products exist, including sprays and foams, which can eliminate grease or oil from the coat without having to get the dog wet.

Forced-air dryer: A forced-air dryer is tool that groomers use after towel drying a dog. A forced-air dryer shoots a powerful stream of air that not only dries the dog, but can help break up dead coat. Groomers are careful to never get the air stream in their eyes, ears, or mouths.

See a couple more when you


Hand Stripping: Groomers use a technique called hand stripping that removes the top coat and leaves the under coat so a healthier top coat can grow in more coarse.

Mucking: Mucking is a technique similar to carding; groomers remove dead hair on a dog’s top coat, also called its show coat.

Plucking: When a dog is shedding, some groomers will use their fingers to grasp hair and yank it from the dog. The procedure is not always comfortable for the dog and not all groomers recommend it.

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Join The Conversation
wren1 wren1 9 years
Dry bathing is great. My dog only needs a real bath once a month, so dry bathing is something I do in-between when he gets a little stinky after playing outside.
mangopassion mangopassion 9 years
We have seen Schnauzers hand stripped- it looks like it hurts. They actually pull out the under coat of the dog- it's a really long process to. They have to do it in sections so the coat ends up coming in even. Makes me glad I don't have to go through that!
Rally-RE Rally-RE 9 years
if you've ever used the do-it-yourself doggie wash at the pet store and you think their dryer is powerful ... you haven't used a professional dog dryer. the power in those things is AMAZING. when pointed at your body, your skin wrinkles and the force behind it is out of this world. a long coated dog dries in no time. they are expensive but definitely worth the money ... and one of my favorite all time doggie purchases. i've also used my drying to blow the gutters clean and clear the driveway of leaves.
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