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Grooming Terms You Should Know (Part 3)

Well, the big premiere is finally here! I'm tuning in tonight – will you? Here are some more words you may hear in tonight's episode (provided by Animal Planet):

Scissoring: Groomers use sharp scissors and a metal comb to do finishing trim work on a dog’s coat. Scissoring is the technique groomers use to put the final touches on the coat after clipping and shaving.

Slicker brush: Slicker brushes are square, flat brushes with wire bristles are used to remove mats and tangles in a dog’s coat. Groomers usually follow up this technique with a metal comb to ensure they have removed all knots.

Snap-on combs: Snap-on combs are attachments for professional clippers. They allow groomers to control the depth of the cut and come in different blades that allow groomers to cut hair at different lengths. The attachments let groomers work faster and reduce fatigue.

See a couple more when you


Stacking: Stacking a professional term used in dog shows. Owners must position, or “stack,” dogs according to official guidelines when they are reviewed by judges. A “free stack” is a term used to describe when the dog positions itself.

Styptic powder: Styptic powder is a tool used when groomers cut a dog’s nails. A vein, called the quick, runs inside the dog’s nails. If groomers cut too close to the quick they use styptic powder to instantly stop any bleeding. Groomers trim a dog’s nails so they do not split or get caught on anything. Some groomers will also paint the dog’s nails.

Stephanie Diani/Getty Images

fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Don't forget the good ol' "hygenic shave." This is when they shave vacinity of a long-haired cat or dog in order to prevent dingleberries. I crap you not! ;)
Aphrosette Aphrosette 9 years
They did a preview for this show today on Weekend Today. Some of the contestants were there and groomed some dogs. They turned a poodle pink! Now I am all for dog grooming, I have two that go every 8 weeks and we love our groomer but if she ever turned them pink (or any other color for that matter) I would have a fit. Can't people just let their dogs be dogs???? I have to say if this is what we are in for watching Groomer Has It, I think I'll have to pass.
wren1 wren1 9 years
I had no idea there was so much stuff involved in grooming, since my dog doesn't need any. We are familiar with the styptic powder, though :(
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