Well, ever since the Nintendo Wii Fit landed on our doorstep, they've been keeping busy over at geeksugar, planning a 30 Day Fitness Test and letting the whole Sugar team in on the hula hooping, skiing, and tightrope walking fun! But, it seems like us humans aren't the only ones testing out the new balance board. Do you recognize this lil guy? We met him last week as our latest office pet! Samson the smooshy decided that he wanted to take after his geek loving mom, LilPeaPod (of Kindle cake-creating fame) and get his fingers on the pulse . . . umm, paws on the pulse . . . to figure out all the hype surrounding this new game. I mean he looks pretty adoro, but do you think this pooch is on his way to start a canine exergaming craze? Check him out in action when you