Our newest Sugar pup, Samson, finally finished up all his puppy boosters and, last week, he took his first real walk outdoors. Hooray! It's important to have your dog up-to-date on shots before letting him meet other furry friends so he doesn't pick up any dangerous diseases.

See a full gallery of adventure piccys and a couple of my tips for those first time walkies when you


  • Bring treats. Help get your pet used to going potty outside by tempting him with tiny treats. When he does his business, praise with happy puppy voice and give him a treat immediately.
  • Bring a partner. For North's first few outdoor ventures, I tried to always bring someone else along – when it was just me, he kept pausing every few steps to turn around and look for Mama! With a close pal walking ahead, my pooch was content to follow after her instead.
  • Take breaks. Little pups can get tuckered out quickly, especially with those little legs. Let your dog stop to sniff the roses and bring a portable water bowl for those hot days. While some dogs like to walk on the sidewalk, others (like Samson) love rolling around in the grass!
  • Create a routine. At first, stick to a fairly strict schedule. Timing and frequency of walks will help your pet begin "going" at a certain time of day and hopefully cut down on those initial accidents. Plus, for those pups that are picky about potty spots, sticking to a consistent route will give them a "regular" spot in no time.
  • Do your dogs have special bathroom spots they rush to? Share those – and any more walk tips – in the comments below!