I think it's high time that I test your knowledge on breeds, not that we've gone through so many. I know you've all been studying up and can tell the difference between a Irish and Scottish terrier, or an American Shorthair and an American Curl, right?

Take my Guess What Breed super quiz and see if you're at the top of your game!

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Do you know the name of this breed of cat?

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Do you know what kind of dog this is?

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For this pretty colorful kitty, can you recall the two-word breed name?

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What is the breed of this dog?

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It's one of the 39 pedigree cat breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association – can you name it?

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Do you know the breed of this pooch?

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What breed is this kitty?

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This pooch is a member of the Hound group . . .

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Dr. Evil must be missing his cat....

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What breed are these guys?