Is doggie's mouth not so fresh and clean? If so, Fido isn't alone. More than half of PetSugar readers say their dogs have stinky mouth odor. Like humans, grody animal breath may be an aftereffect of a smelly treat, diet or body chemistry. You can take prevention steps by routinely brushing with meant-for-doggies toothbrush and toothpaste. Sadly, it can also be a symptom of greater health problems such as inflammation of soft tissue in the mouth, regurgitation or wart virus, so ask your vet to sniff out possible health concerns if you notice a certain stench.

Vets recommend that you routinely rinse or brush your dog's mouth out to kill major bacteria, but it's not an activity that makes doggie jump for joy. Check out some nontraditional products that will help keep your best friend's breath fresh between standard cleanings when you


  • Tartar-Reducing Flossies: If doggie hates when you brush his teeth, try Flossies ($7 each). Think of these bones as beefy gum. The tendons make your dog lick his chops as he chews and create a friction to help clean his teeth.
  • Dental Swipes: Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes ($16) sounds great . . . kinda like a disinfecting wipe for your pets' teeth. The pre-moistened pads have an all-natural combo of peppermint, parsley, and baking soda to fight plaque and bacteria and promote healthy gums and teeth.
  • Chomper toys: Hard, rubbery toys with ridges and bumps stimulate gums, clean teeth, and keep him rather busy in the process. Braided floss products remove food debris, reduce plaque and tartar build up, and add in fluoride and mint to freshen breath, too.
  • Pop a breath mint: If you've tried everything (including a check up with the vet), and still don't think your pet is ready for a kissing scene, you might consider stocking up on some breath mints.