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Lucky Dog: Guinness World Record Winner For Animal Most Photographed With Celebrities

Nov 17 2011 - 1:00pm

Lucky, a rescued Maltese dog, is the 2011 Guinness World Record winner for "Animal Most Photographed With Celebrities." This precious white Maltese is pictured with 363 celebrities including Bill Clinton, Kim Kardashian [1], Kanye West [2], Barbara Walters, Amanda Bynes [3], Hugh Hefner, Jessica Biel [4], Adrien Brody [5], Hugh Grant [6], and Kristen Stewart [7]. Click through to see a few snapshots of Lucky held by A-listers.

All Photos Courtesy of: Wendy Diamond [8]

Snoop Dogg doesn't look so tough with a cute, fluffy pup in his arms.

Kristen Stewart [9] and Lucky both have captivating eyes.

Barbara Walters hugs Lucky tight.

Kim Kardashian [10] looks dazzling with Lucky by her side.

Lucky seems quite comfy in the arms of Richard Branson.

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