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Howling Cute Halloween Pets

Oct 31 2013 - 12:00pm

Happy Halloween [1]! We challenged you to share Instagram snaps of your pets in costume [2] — and we couldn't pick one favorite! Sure, not all animals are super excited about getting dressed up, but the result is so cute. From goulish ghost dogs to pets dressed like royalty, check out all the spooktacular Halloween pet pictures that were shared with POPSUGAR Pets. And we'll keep updating this post throughout All Hallows' Eve! Just tag your Instagram pictures with #POPSUGARPets, and your cute pet will be added to the collection.

Getting Ready

This bulldog is prepping for trick-or-treaters!

Source: Instagram user jellythebully [3]


Here's a pup that's enjoying her day as queen.

Source: Instagram user callajulianne [4]


Yeah, this cat doesn't need a costume to strike a scary pose.

Source: Instagram user gosiabem [5]

Pass the Mustard, Please

Check out this adorable little pup all dressed up for Halloween [6]! And this cutie is available for adoption. Contact See Spot Rescued [7] if interested in giving this dog a forever home!

Source: Instagram user seespotrescued [8]

Goulish Pup

This dog is ready for trick-or-treating.

Source: Instagram user curbicurbi [9]


Have no fear, Smudge is here to save you this Halloween [10]!

Source: Instagram user smudgethekitty [11]

Sushi Cat

Here's a kitty that's not sure if he's excited about Halloween [12] costumes.

Source: Instagram user emeliesalot [13]


This cutie is channeling his inner lion king.

Source: Instagram user poundpuppygarth [14]

Devil Dog

Here's a pup that is wishing you a devilishly good Halloween [15]!

Source: Instagram user allied21 [16]


This little lobster dog is wondering when the treat portion of Halloween [17] will commence.

Source: Instagram user charlenabelle [18]

Big Dog

Here's a mini Buzz Lightyear that's ready for some fun.

Source: Instagram user bexter0503 [19]

Cool Cat

Here's one seriously dapper Halloween [20] kitty.

Source: Instagram user callajuilianne [21]

So Cute!

Is it a giraffe or is it a pup? It's a Halloween [22] cutie!

Source: Instagram user Irocketto [23]


This pup is channeling his inner wisdom while enjoying Halloween [24].

Source: Instagram user mollygoodson [25]


Here's a kitty that's ready to spread some spooky fun. Happy Halloween [26]!

Source: Instagram user rhymeswithready [27]

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